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Do I Need a Bassinet?

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Deciding what to buy for your firstborn can be overwhelming. What are all these products, and do I need to get them all right now? If there’s one thing we know, it’s babies, and better yet, baby registries. One of our favorite, lesser-known registry must-haves is the bassinet. Your newborn is going to be doing a lot of sleeping (but never when you want them to), so having a cozy, safe space for baby to rest their little head is key. 

What Is a Bassinet?

But first, what even is a bassinet? Like the little sister to the crib, a bassinet is a sleeping area designed specifically for those first few months at home. It’s recommended to keep baby’s sleeping area in the same room as yours for the first six months or so. That’s where the bassinet comes in.  

Benefits of a Bassinet

  • Bassinets are more compact than a crib, so they can fit into small spaces, like right next to your bed. 
  • Having a bassinet in your room means a shorter distance to (sleep)walk for late-night feedings. Plus, baby will be right next to you so you can check on them anytime you want (every second, minute, or hour, depending on your parenting style).  
  • Bassinets are also portable, so naptime can happen wherever you are in the house (or even at grandma’s). 
  • Bassinets are taller than a crib, which mean you’ll have an easier time putting baby down. Your lower back will thank you. 

Meet the Iora

Introducing the newest addition to the Maxi-Cosi Home Collection: the Iora Bedside Bassinet! Getting your little one to fall asleep can be tricky, but with Iora, your baby can rest comfortably wherever you are. There’s a lot to love, but let’s start with comfort. The breathable mesh sides allow air to flow through, and the mattress has just the right amount of support for daytime naps or bedtime, providing baby with a more restful sleep. Then, there’s versatility. Iora has five (!) adjustable heights and three slide positions for a customized fit. And when your little one isn’t sleeping, the sleek design and modern colors will blend right into any bedroom (or living room, because we know as well as you do, baby will sleep anywhere). But we’re guessing we had you at “sleep.” 

Maxi-Cosi Iora Bedside BassinetMaxi-Cosi Iora Bedside Bassinet

If you’re still debating the pros and cons of a baby bassinet, check out Iora, and you just might be persuaded. Remember, you only have until baby arrives to make your decision. Earlier if you want to add it to your registry!