The Dorel Juvenile Group (Canada) in cooperation with Transport Canada issues the following public notice regarding all Cosco combination Child Car seats and High Back Booster Seats produced between January 1, 1998, and August 29, 2002.

A piece of energy absorbing foam was omitted from the following model numbers: 02-C42 (High Back Booster); 02-C48 (High Back Booster); 02-C49 (High Back Booster); 02-04C (Ventura); 02-09C (Visions); 22-26C (Summit); 22-56C (Vantage Point); 02-45C (Safety1st High Back Booster); 02-64C (Vantage Point); 02-88C (Commuter); 02-C88 (High Back Booster).

The model number can be found on a label located on the side of the car seat.

The Dorel Juvenile Group (Canada) emphasizes that the omission of the foam does not constitute a safety risk to the occupant. Transport Canada indicates that the omission of the foam does not affect the safety performance of the seat in the event of a collision. There have been no head injuries as a result of the omission of the foam. Consumers can obtain a free foam insert kit and installation instructions by contacting the Dorel Juvenile Group at:



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