Into the Forest™ 


Boho Chic Collection

It’s autumn and the forest is dressed in the magical colors of fall. These engaging products inspire exploration, discovery, excitement, optimism and friendship, adding a whole new dimension of fun for babies to enjoy. 

Meet our Tiny Pioneers

Florence the Fawn

I'm outgoing, social and like to take care of my friends. There's nothing I like better than gazing up at the stars!

Albert the Beaver

I love creating things for my friends, like toys, swings and rafts and I'm always there to help. I’m the best builder, and can make anything!

Isaac the Bear

I am really curious and love to use my imagination. I love climbing my favorite apple trees. When I get to the top, I drop apples down to my friends so they can enjoy them too. They have to be careful, those apples fall fast!

Nikola the Badger

I love exploring the natural world around me – the trees, the ground, and the sky above me. My favorite hobby is making inventions out of things I find. My friends love my inventions!

Introducing the Forest™ Collection: A Day in the Forest!