Dana For2 Rain Shield

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With the Dana For2 Stroller Rain Shield you'll enjoy every moment with your babies, even when the sun is hiding. The material is long lasting and tear resistant to help protect from rain, wind and other weather. It provides complete coverage without sacrificing visibility and is also designed to give you easy access to the stroller handles for a better grip during your journey.
Item Number: CV336
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Premium Details

  1. Just for Dana For2
    Just for Dana For2
    Customized rain cover fits Dana For2 stroller to protect babies from rain, wind and other weather
  2. Full Coverage
    Full Coverage
    Offers complete coverage without compromising visibility
  3. Durable
    Made from long-lasting, tear-resistant material
  4. Easy to Steer
    Easy to Steer
    Gives parents easy access to stroller handles