Lila Modular Stroller System

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Your arms carry. They support. They lift. They love. But they can’t do everything alone. The Lila™ Stroller lets you do what you need to do, while your baby rests in the next best place, after your arms.

Comfort that Stands Out

For you, comfort is the peace of mind knowing your little one is cozy and secure. That’s why we teamed up with pediatricians to develop the ShapeOfYou newborn inlay, made especially for Lila. This ergonomic memory foam inlay reduces the space around the body providing your baby with a feeling of security. The cushion also lifts the legs into a natural position, helping to reduce reflux. The shaped cavity reduces pressure under the head thereby helping to prevent flat-head syndrome.

And once your baby has grown out of the newborn inlay, the reversible stroller seat cushion will keep your little one comfortable throughout the seasons, with a breathable 3D mesh fabric for the summer and a soft fleece fabric for the winter.

The generous canopy and integrated full coverage privacy shade creates a unique sheltering atmosphere for your baby, providing a private space free from glaring sun, pesky insects or nosy neighbors. When your little one needs a quick nap, Lila turns into a carriage using only one hand, so you won’t wake up your baby.

While on the move, the adjustable handlebar makes it easy for parents of different heights to maneuver, and the lightweight innovative SmoothRide all-wheel suspension makes it a breeze to navigate long strolls.

Flexibility that Matters

As a busy parent, you’re constantly adapting to meet your child’s ever-changing needs. And now your stroller can do the same. We understand how important it is to stay connected with your little one, and the modular seat is designed to face you for eye-to-eye contact or the road ahead for those curious toddler years. For times when you’d rather not disturb your little one after a car ride, you can easily connect a Maxi-Cosi Mico infant car seat. And if you’re expecting your second, adding the duo stroller kit allows the Lila to accommodate your baby and toddler at the same time.

Accessories that Make Life Easier

Luckily, Lila comes with everything you need, including a parent cup holder, accessory pouch, child snack tray, boot cover, rain shield and Mico car seat adaptors. And with the removable tote basket, you can be confident that you have what you need on every family outing.

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Premium Details

  1. Choose your view
    Choose your view
    Modular, multi-position reclining seat for parent- or world-facing positions
  2. Quick-Carriage
    Carriage mode with the touch of a button for comfy, lie-flat napping on the go
  3. ShapeOfYou Support
    ShapeOfYou Support
    ShapeOfYou ergonomic newborn inlay designed with memory foam for added support
  4. Privacy Shade
    Privacy Shade
    Generous UPF 50+ canopy with integrated mesh privacy shade keeps baby protected
  5. Carriage Boot Cover
    Carriage Boot Cover
    Boot cover keeps baby warm and cozy in carriage mode
  6. Seat Cushion
    Seat Cushion
    Reversible seat cushion for warm and cool climates; machine washable for an easy clean
  7. Accessories
    Accessories to make life easier for you are all included. Bumper bar, child snack tray, parent cup holder, accessory pouch, rain shield, reversible seat cushion, removable tote and car seat adapters.
  8. Removable Tote
    Removable Tote
    Removable tote basket makes it easier to carry your belongings
  9. One-hand Fold
    One-hand Fold
    One-hand flat fold allows for a free second hand
  10. SmoothRide Wheels
    SmoothRide Wheels
    SmoothRide innovative tire technology with all-wheel suspension
  11. Car Seat Carrier
    Car Seat Carrier
    Compatible with Mico infant car seats using the included adapters
  12. Make Room for Two
    Make Room for Two
    Easily switches from a single to duo stroller by adding either a Mico infant car seat or second seat (sold separately)

More Comfortable for Baby

Comfort is the peace of mind knowing your little one is cozy and secure. Lila delivers extraordinary comfort to be sure baby rests in the next best place after your arms.

More Comfortable for Baby

More Convenient for You

Lila offers more to make life a bit easier for you. With convenience features like a simple one-hand fold and removable tote along with a parent cup holder, accessory pouch and child snack tray you can feel confident you have what you need on every family outing.

More Convenient for You

More Options for Your Growing Family

When the time is right, Lila easily switches from a single to duo stroller by adding either a Mico infant car seat or second seat. Duo mode allows for various riding configurations accommodating both baby and toddler. (Mico Infant Car Seat and Lila Duo Seat Kit sold separately).

More Options for Your Growing Family