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Maxi-Taxi XT Ultra Compact Car Seat Caddy

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The Maxi-Taxi XT Ultra Compact Car Seat Caddy combines with your current infant car seat to offer a comfy ride on every adventure. It maneuvers like a premium stroller, but it’s a caddy. So, in case you didn’t know, with a caddy, your infant car seat is the actual stroller seat. And that’s easier for you…
Attaches with the greatest of ease 
With minimal effort, you can attach the infant car seat to the stroller frame – all while your baby rests soundly in the car seat. Because naptime is almost as precious as your little one. Just click your car seat into the caddy and be on your way.
Unique ultra-compact fold
When you’re finished with your daily adventures, the Maxi-Taxi’s unique, multi-directional fold allows you store it upright and more compactly than your typical stroller. This makes it easy to store in the closet or tuck it away in the trunk.
Easily maneuver through your day 
The wheels on the Maxi Taxi take you through your day with ease. An extra-large storage basket gives you a place for larger items, while the two zippered compartments on the front of the basket let you keep smaller items close by. 
With the Maxi-Taxi XT Ultra Compact Car Seat Caddy, you’ll be ready for wherever the day’s journey takes you.
Item Number: CV412-MC-US-EN

Is this caddy compatible with the Convertible car seats?

It is not compatible with convertible car seats. This stroller caddy can only be used with infant carrier style car seats.

Does the Maxi-Taxi XT fold?

Featuring a unique multi-directional, ultra compact fold, the Maxi-Taxi XT is easy to store in the closet or trunk.

Is there any storage?

You'll have plenty of room for those daily essentials with the extra-large storage basket and two front zippered pockets.
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Premium Details

  1. Simple to Handle
    Simple to Handle
    Car seat caddy is a lightweight and easy-to-carry stroller frame
  2. Handy Storage
    Handy Storage
    Extra-large storage basket with two zippered pockets for extra storage
  3. One-Hand Fold
    One-Hand Fold
    Unique multi-directional ultra-compact fold
  4. Car Seat Caddy
    Car Seat Caddy
    Compatible with the Coral™ XP and Mico Infant Car Seat Series