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We understand that properly installing your car seat is crucial for your child's safety and your peace of mind. To ensure a secure installation tailored to your specific car seat model, we invite you to first identify the exact model you own below. Once you've located your model, you'll find a range of helpful installation resources at your fingertips. Let us empower you to install your car seat with confidence and safeguard your precious cargo on every journey.

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  • How to choose a car seat mode (Rear-Facing, Forward-Facing, and Booster Seat)
  • Rear-Facing Vehicle Installation
  • Front-Facing Vehicle Installation
  • Booster Seat Vehicle Installation
  • How to install your Pria using Vehicle LATCH
  • Changing Headrest/Harness Height
  • How to change the buckle position
  • How to recline your car seat
  • How to remove the seat pad
  • Care Instructions 
  • Replacement and Expiration
  • Registration and Safety Notices
  • Aircraft Installation Information

Additional Installation Assistance

We know that parents and caregivers want to feel confident that they've installed their new car seat properly. To help bring you peace of mind, we offer free live video chat sessions with our licensed technicians to guide you as you install your child's car seat. Contact our Customer Support to schedule an appointment.