Tiny Love Musical Nature Stroller Arch

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Tiny Love’s Treasure the Ocean™ Musical Nature Stroll Arch offers babies 8 playful activities that provide indoor and on-the-go fun and amusement. The different toys offer your little one audio, visual and tactile stimulation, and their responsive features teach
babies the basics of cause and effect, supporting cognitive development.

Having a familiar toy when out and about also reassures babies, giving them a sense of familiarity and order in unfamiliar, new surroundings. The universal attachment clip makes this an ideal stroller toy for your little one.

Adorable ocean nature arch with 8 engaging developmental activities, including a responsive musical crab that teaches cause and effect, crinkly whale with transparent prism, baby-activated propeller and more. Colors, textures and sounds come together to offer babies rich audio, visual and tactile stimulation, supporting sensory exploration and development.

Item Number: TO120-MC-US-EN
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